Patrysberg Citrus is a forward-thinking agricultural enterprise

It is led by an experienced team that pursues long-term sustainability while mitigating environmental impacts. Our on-site packhouse processes our own production of diverse cultivars, and that of external producers, to certified local and international standards. The farms Patrysberg, Aan De Langefontein, Melkboomfontein and Kransvlei form part of the Patrysberg Citrus production area. Patrysberg Citrus also manages a strategic partnership with the owners of the farm Lange Valleij. These farms are located along the Olifants River valley, an area renowned for citrus production.


Our dynamic management applies best practice for long-term sustainability. While the citrus season runs from April to October, our focus is year-round resource management. In terms of water alone, we continuously invest in its optimal application.
We farm variety of cultivars, which aids infrastructural efficiency and allows us to remain ahead of demand. Recognising the importance of biodiversity, Patrysberg Citrus has set aside some 80% of our land for conservation. Biological interventions for pest control reduce our reliance on chemicals and solar power further trims our environmental impact.

Our Packhouse

Our on-site packhouse processes our own production as well as that of external producers. The packhouse has been operational since 2011. The modern facilities and equipment are geared for optimal efficiencies and maintaining the highest standards required for export. A talented management team heads up operations and incorporates a blend of in-house and external expertise. The packhouse was started with the vision of not only creating employment, but opportunities too.

Accreditations and Certifications

Patrysberg Citrus prides itself on several local and international certifications, which provide the business with access to diverse global markets.

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