Our History

The Mouton Family has a long history in farming. Their ancestors settled in the Olifants River valley in the early 1800’s and have been farming the same land since.

The Mouton Family has been custodians of the farm Patrysberg since 1874.

Our Values

We believe in supportive leadership and apply its principles throughout operations on the farm and within our community.

We recognise that a prosperous future comes from shared stewardship in the present. As enablers in this relationship, we invest in the development of our leadership team, employees and the broader community to provide individuals with the tools to take ownership of their personal development and future.

Clear and effective communication is the foundation of our values-based, leadership approach to precision agriculture.

At Patrysberg Citrus we value:


We are committed and regard dedication to our operations, people and environment as a hallmark of our enterprise.


We are a company of distinction, consistently achieving and setting higher goals in pursuit of perfection.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the bedrock of leadership and the very fibre that underscores our every interaction.


We have an intense drive and enthusiasm for what we do, believing implicitly in the positive contribution we make.


We nurture respect, believing that goals are only achievable through healthy, mutual respect of personal qualities and dignity.


We embrace our duties and obligations – both as individuals and as an organisation – in recognition of our role of shared stewardship in a prosperous future.

Our People

We invest in our people, providing an opportunity for growth. As part of this vision, Patrysberg Citrus supports our own creches and after-school programmes for learners. Furthermore, we partner with organisations such as The Pebbles Project (an education-focused non-profit) and other organisations which provide e-learning platforms to support after-school programmes on the farm. We also collaborate with our local schools to invest in future generations. Our vision is also to create opportunities for our workforce to rise in the organisation and empower people to grow and fulfil their potential.

Our Community

Our approach to empowerment comprises a variety of initiatives that underpin our standards, values and principles. Among them, Patrysberg Citrus is a shareholder in Kransvlei Farms, a B-BBEE farm initiative where a significant shareholding is held by workers of the Patrysberg Group. Established in 2018, Kransvlei’s goal is to become a sustainable source of income and provision for retirement benefits for workers. This project is coming into production in 2021 promising to make a marked difference to the financial security of the beneficiaries.